The origins of Anthony Bayshore's salty tale is something you hear in the wind's breeze and in the "sinner's lounge". The tale of Million Pieces Lost At Sea.

3am | JULY 13, 2012 | 25.681137, -89.890137

I awoke to what seemed like gallons of water draining and filling into my lungs - with a Gulf water saltier than Black Beard's heart. Sea shaken lights had turned to darkness as the ship slipped farther beneath the surface.

Morning light rose over a Florida white sandscaped beach. Disoriented and confused, I found my self washed ashore. The tattooed crosses on my feet must have warded off any ill willed creature that may have been lurking in the depths... As I gazed across the gulf shores and out past the horizons - my artwork scattered as far as the eye could see. There must have been a millions pieces on that ship.

Million pieces lost at sea.

- Anthony Bayshore

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